Attention: Due to roadworks in front of the office building please DOWNLOAD the file at the end of this page.

Please mind the following way:
alternative way

  How to reach us:
  Transportation to the testing center is best by train.
  Exit Ringbahn or any other S-Bahn at Ostkreuz. Use exit Hauptstrasse/Markgrafendamm.
  At street level turn right and follow Hauptstrasse for about 250 meters (1 min).
  Turn right into the next possible street - just in front of the car dealership.

There is a sign indicating SZ Kuechen at the entrance of the street:
  The street is also called Markgrafendamm and it looks like a dead end - this is what you see there:
  - but after about 100 meters the street turns right then to the left. (If the name of the street is Laskerstrasse you have gone too far.)
  Just before the right/lift turn you see a sign for House 17 - and don't worry you are on the right way:
  After the right/left turn - there is again a sign for SZ Kuechen
  So follow the sign and the street for about 210 m and you arrive at Markgrafendamm 24 House 16 on the left side of the street.
  Enter the house and you will find the test center at level 3 Room 301.
  Here is a pdf-file with all the information.